Step 7

You need to remove the seat track motor links from each track. This is held on with 2, T20 bolts on the front end of the tracks.

Blue Box is the motor.

The two red boxes is the end of the screws that you will need to remove.  You can only access the screws with the track slide completely forward (notice this is a picture from the topside the screw heads are on the bottom).


Step 8:

Remove 2 E10 Bolts from the bottom of the tracks.


Step 9:

The 2 Outboard tracks will require the specially made bolts to replace some rivets as described in step 6.

Slide the track towards the back of the seat to expose the head of the rivets shown, back the nuts off the rivets and strike each rivet with a hammer and remove the rivets.

You must remove these rivets or you will not be able to get the screw assembly out or back in to the track.

Notice I forgot to take the picture before I knocked out one of the rivets.


Step 10:

Slide track all the way to the front. Align the hole that is below the bracket you have removed the rivets from with the torx bolt you see in the track (E12 Flex or deep socket is used here with a 15mm end wrench). This will expose a bolt that is required to be removed on every track.  It locks down the block on the end of the threaded rod to the upper track.

In this picture I have shown what the bolt is going threw.  To the right at the edge of the picture is the hole where the bolt goes threw.


Notice in the picture below, this is the torx bolt you will have to remove.



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